Leadership in Energy
and Environmental Design

CL-TALON® 300 Credits that Apply to LEED v4
Building Design and Construction

Energy efficiency and sustainability have become a major consideration in building design and construction. The CL-TALON cladding support system is an environmentally responsible product that provides high-performance thermal isolation required for effective continuous insulation design. Basic LEED certification is becoming a requirement for some types of construction in certain jurisdictions. The more advanced LEED certifications (Silver, Gold, Platinum) are an attractive factor, or even mandate, for many commercial and institutional owners and tenants. (LEED v4 has different requirements for residential vs commercial construction. The following pre-requisites and credits apply to LEED v4 Building Design and Construction)

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design


1. Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite

Minimum Energy Performance

CL-TALON 300 System

New Construction

- Core and Shell
- Schools
- Retail
- Data Centers
- Warehouses and Distribution Centers
- Hospitality
- Healthcare

The CL-TALON 300 cladding support system has a thermally isolating polyamide clip that provides high-performing thermally broken support across the continuous insulation.

It meets and exceeds ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1–2010 since no conductive element, not even metal fasteners, penetrates the insulation layer.

2. Energy and Atmosphere Credit

Optimize Energy Performance

CL-TALON 300 System

The credit awards points based on the degree to which the project exceeds performance of the baseline building:
•  1 point for 6%
•  2 points for 8%
•  up to 18 points for 50%

The CL-300 cladding support system not only provides the required thermal break across the insulation layer, but actually exceeds ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1–2010 by eliminating any conductive fastener penetration of the insulation.

3. Materials and Resources Credit

Building Product Disclosure and Optimization

Sourcing of Raw Materials Option 2 Leadership Extraction Practices (1 point)

CL-TALON 300 system

CL-TALON systems are made largely of aluminum and can contribute to this credit. The aluminum elements have 30.5% post-consumer recycled content and may be valued at 85% of the cost of those elements in calculating the credit.

4. Indoor Environmental Quality Credit

Low-Emitting Materials

CL-Talon 100 and 200 systems, interior installations

CL-Talon 100 and 200 systems can made entirely of anodized aluminum, and thus contribute to the 100% compliance requirement for walls under this credit.

5. Indoor Environmental Quality Credit

Thermal Control

CL-Talon 100 and 200 systems, exterior installations

CL-Talon systems provide thermally isolated support system for rainscreen cladding systems, and as part of a high-performance building envelope, may contribute to this credit.

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